The story of the Bromley and Coppard families

The Coppard Family

This is the story of my paternal grandmother’s family. It is rather scant and we don’t have as many photographs, but it’s more complicated and involves many interesting family lines. They originated in Sussex and most of them remained in the county all of their lives.

Chapter 8

The Early Coppards

The origins of the family in the heart of Sussex, but with so little known about them they have been difficult to trace.

Chapter 9

John Coppard (1843-1908)

My great great grandparents and their strangely early marriage and difficult early years.

Chapter 10

Martin Coppard (1870-1949)

My great grandparents, about whom there is relatively little to say, but where would I be without them?

Chapter 10a

The Rhodes Family

A seafaring family from Newhaven, I was told, but there’s more to them than that.

Chapter 10b

The Buckwell and Paine Families

The patchy parish records have made these families a little elusive.

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