The Story of the Bromley and Coppard Families

Welcome to my family history website. All About My Father is, as the name suggests, about the ancestors of my late father, John Martin Bromley, whose parents were Stephenson Bromley and Nellie Coppard.

I started researching my father's family history in the late 1990s when there were no Internet resources and all the research had to be done in local libraries or at the former Family History Centre in London. I shared a ‘first edition' of the history to family members in 1999 but with the growth in Internet genealogy I have been able to fill in many of the gaps and to go back much further, particularly on the Bromley side.

In addition, thanks to the online genealogy community on the Ancestry website I have been in contact with some distant family members who have provided information that would have taken me a great deal of time to obtain myself. Thanks to the Internet – including this website – I have been able to track down some not-so-distant relatives who have provided photographs of people no one else in my family can ever remember meeting but which have subsequently enabled me to identify some of the mystery photographs in my family’s collection.

The main reason for creating this website is to see if I can fill in some of the remaining gaps and get in touch with some of the many distant relatives who I believe are still around. If you think you may be related do please get in touch via the Contact page as I would love to hear from you.

While none of my father's family achieved fame or glory, and there are no skeletons (at least none that would be considered as such today), I can only wonder what these people were like. Watching the lives of long-dead ancestors unfold before one’s eyes through public records and faded family photographs is a fascinating experience.
Alan Bromley